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American Soldier Network is a hands-on organization that raises awareness and funding to tackle the psychological and emotional battles affecting veterans on the home front such as PTSD, homelessness, unemployment and reintegration. The American Soldier Network is a nonprofit corporation with federal tax-exempt status as a public charity under section 501(c ) (3). Since becoming an all Veterans/Military nonprofit organization we have impacted the following with our programs: 

  • Angels Within Inc. est 1996 refiled and became an all Veteran/Military organization 2005

  • Annual Christmas Outreach served over 5,000 combat wounded ill and injured active duty service members.  (10 years serving 500 annually) We had to pause this during the covid restrictions. 

  • Annual Hearts For Heroes Valentine Outreach over 1,350 veterans and military (9 years serving 150+ annually)

  • Annual Show Your Soul Donate your Soles 

Our shoe drives collected over 30,000 pounds of shoes for the impoverished, raising us over $12,000 (serving countless impoverished individuals around the globe).

Our previous food drive for our homeless veterans, we collected over 1300 cans of food for the homeless veterans in the Los Angeles areas. 

To estimate our intangible reach nationwide through our suicide prevention outreach is a tough ask. Our site averages 100,000 hits monthly and its engagement is consistent. 

Additionally, through our social media we touching approximately 30,000 followers collectively. 

We hope this better helps you understand American Soldier Network. 

We also do not have ANY paid staff at this time and throughout our history we have been solely run by all volunteers. 

Bridging the GAP via TV/FILM/Entertainment/Conferences/Events

The team at the American Soldier Network are creating programs (TV, Entertainment, morale events and conferences) that contain the powerful potential to bridge the GAP between Americans and our Military/Veteran Communities. Our concepts bring innovation and emotional exchange to reality-based television, Motorcycle Rides, Concerts, Global Outreach opportunities, educational awareness campaigns all centered around positive, empowering messaging focused on Healing Happens and Choose Life showcasing Victorious Veterans! At a time when morale and support for war are being pondered, debated and discussed, the unquestionable need for the moral support of our sons and daughters on the front line of war continues. Our programs ride this wave of patriotism and pay tribute to the many men and women of the United States military who serve as protectors of our liberty. Enjoy a glance at some of our ongoing work:

A new patriotic reality TV series intended to give an inside look at the Real American Heroes, the men and women who voluntarily serve our country to protect our freedom. This one of a kind new TV series that has the power to unite our nation. celebrate our veterans/troops, share their success stories, honor their service on and off the battlefield and showcase the many amazing groups, organizations and people truly making a difference in the lives of our veterans. Sit back, enjoy and be prepared to be moved by this wonderful individuals. If you are a veteran watching this, we thank you and we salute you.


American Heroes TV Series #BridgeTheGAP #HealingHappens #VictiorusVeterans


Annual Christmas OUTREACH SWAG Bags Showing Warriors Americas Gratitude 10 years and going strong!


Junior Patriot Programs Hand Made Cards go into ALL of our outreach SWAG & Gifts to our Vets/Military from Youth #BridgeTheGap #PromotePatriotism


#HealingHappens #ChooseLIFE Music Mends Collaboration


Days of Gratitude for Families of our Fallen #HealingHappens


#BridgeTheGAP #SHOEdrive #HealingHappens


Freedom Fest #HealingHappens #ChooseLIFE Ride and Music Fest


Cast Meet & Greets We Bring a touch of HOLLYWOOD to our Wounded #HealingHappens #GivingBack #MoralVisits


Veterans Day Celebrate The American Spirit #ShoeDrive #HealingHappens

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